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Venue for the scientific programme

DESY Tunnel
The FEBS Advanced Course will take place at the DESY premises (see location maps below or go to google maps directly). The address is Notkestrasse 85, D-22607 Hamburg. The morning seminars are given in the FLASH seminar room (building 28c) and the practicals are taking place at different laboratories on the DESY and XFEL premises. Event participants will stay at the DESY Hostel buildings on site, which are a 10 min walk from the event venue. Speakers will be accommodated in the Mercure Hotel am Volkspark (across the horse racing track, see map below), which is also a 10 min walk from the event venue. Accommodation will be arranged by the Course Organizers. For the participants, accommodation costs, 
for single or double occupancy rooms according to availability, are included in the registration fee. Other arrangements as per request by the participants are possible at the applicant's expense.

Active version of the map available at http://gisfms.desy.de


  • Applications Opening
    January 1st, 2019
  • Youth Travel Fund Grants
    March 14, 2019
  • Applications closing
    March 30, 2019
  • Closing times: 23:59 (UTC+01:00)

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